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The Day—Tools for Healthy Productivity

Often the way we work is the very cause of our stress.. There is a smarter way to do it: working in a way that fits our physiology and how our brain actually works makes us perform and feel a lot better.

The Day provides you with a clear and practical framework to structure your working day.

This system is easily integrated into existing working processes and does not require abandoning what works, just what does not.

In this event, you will get a taste of the power of The Day and you will get to apply it there and then. In the inspiring environment of HOME, you will have the space to work on your own projects, apply what you just learned and seek surpport when you need it.

This hands-on training, structured around a working day, has three sections.


Beginning the day with clarity and focus relieves stress and makes us more productive.

In this section, you will learn how to structure your working day. You will also learn how to create a plan of action that is in line with what is most important in your life.


Everything we do is made of tasks. If we get better at ‘tasks’, we get better at everything.

In this section, you will learn how to accomplish any task, in a focused and calm way. This way of working is very rewarding and reduces mind generated stress.


Closing the working day properly protects our private life and let us begin afresh the next day.

In this section, you will learn how wrap up your work and put it in the past, signalling the brain that it is time to let go, relax and regenerate.

Your Day Trainers

 Atilla Mohiddin

Atilla Mohiddin

 Davide Piai

Davide Piai

Earlier Event: July 20
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