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All our 'just show up' classes are completely free. If you can let us know you're coming that's great but also feel free to just drop in whenever you can. We'll be here! 

If you are able to we please ask that you leave a donation. In this way we can put on even more free events. However, most important is to just show up and let's meditate!


Wake Up! Morning Meditation

Every Monday, Thursday, Friday
08:00 - 08:30  

Morning is the time when we rise and shine. It is the time to start the day. Just like a good breakfast, a session of meditation is an excellent opportunity to set the tone for the day and get off to a good start. Meditation helps atune your mind for what lies ahead. A point in space and time to come back to whenever our busy lives threaten to take over.

with Steve & Bram

Let us know you're coming...

Wind Down! Evening Meditation

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
18:30 - 19:15

Whether after a busy day of work, shopping, or just hanging out we can always benefit from taking a bit of time out to rebalance, refocus and come home to ourselves.

with Steve, Kimberly & Davide

Let us know you're coming...



Every Wednesday (starting 20th June)
19:30 - 20:15

Be guided in a simple practice of loving-kindness, a meditation that cultivates our capacity for an open & loving heart. By donation. In English.

Let us know you're coming...

Meditatie voor Caregivers

dinsdag, woensdag (tot en met 15 augustus)
13:00 - 13:30

In samenwerking met  CareSpace

Zoek je ruimte om op adem te komen? Je bent van harte welkom bij onze "caregivers'" meditatiegroep op dinsdagen en woensdagen om de lunchtijd. Wij zullen je begeleiden in meditatie- en compassie oefeningen die bedoeld zijn om je te helpen innerlijke kracht en veerkracht te vinden. 

met Annie Birken & Lieke van Nood 

Let us know you're coming...


All these classes are free and everyone is welcome to attend.

If you are able to leave a donation you can do this at the villa or if you prefer to transfer electronically then you can 'buy a ticket' below. We are working to have a better system up very soon. Please bear with us while we get up and running!  

Thank you.